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What does Alabama’s new gun bill mean for employers?

May 21, 2013


On May 20, 2013, the Alabama House voted 73-28 to approve SB 286, the Omnibus Gun Bill, that will affect employers’ ability to limit employees from carrying firearms onto business property. The bill is now on its way to Gov. Robert Bentley, who is expected to sign. [UPDATE: Governor Bentley signed the bill on May 22, […]

How Do You Craft a Successful Social Media Policy?

April 3, 2013


The Birmingham Business Journal asked its social media followers and local experts, including RMLG’s DeWayne Pope, about their best practices for creating a social media policy. DeWayne’s tip? “While there are laws and other legal concerns employers should be aware of, employers should also remember that social media is about developing community and organic, two-way […]

Board Liabilities

November 20, 2012


Throughout the dialogue about boards (whether they are at the beginning stage, public company, or advisory boards), the liability question has hung over the discussion like a gray cloud. These fiduciary duties loom as foreboding shadows against the backdrop of public companies where nasty words like “Sarbanes Oxley” strike fear in individuals. In order to […]

New Perspective on Corporate Documents

October 25, 2012


“We believe it’s absolutely essential for family members to develop the initial draft of a shareholder agreement, thoughtfully considering the questions set forth below. Attorneys may be very helpful in the process, but too often they have set ideas about what makes a good shareholder agreement. They approach the task of preparing one with a […]

The Purpose of Shareholder Agreement: Corporate Governance

October 11, 2012


Corporate governance,(1) at its most basic level, is how a corporation operates. Specifically, who makes what decisions, and usually more importantly, who controls who gets to make those decisions. Almost every corporation has their owners (shareholders, members, partners, etc.) elect a committee (board, management committee, executive committee, etc.), which in turn elects and manages the […]

Personal Guaranties

May 13, 2012


Takeaways: Banks almost always require personal guaranties. Personal guaranties pierce the corporate veil; if you have signed a personal guaranty, you have personal exposure to the extent of such guaranty. If one shareholder or partners has entered into a guaranty and the others have not, then the shareholders or partners should enter into contribution agreements […]

IP Protection Tip #5: The Rare Use of Non-Competition Agreements

March 23, 2012


Article Highlights: • At its most basic form, a Non-Competition Agreement is wherein the employee agrees that they will not compete against the employer after the employment relation ceases. • Non-Competition Agreements have always been controversial because restricting the job choices of a previous employee flies in the face of at-will employment. • Employers do […]