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December 31, 2012


My main goal in writing this series was to bridge the gap between the expectations of the business owner and the abilities of the lawyer. A gulf exists between the two, and hopefully these articles help to fill the gap. I have tried to provide a little education, which I believe is necessary to have […]

Generational Transfers

December 13, 2012

0 When discussing this topic, I am taking a broader view of what encompasses a generational transfer to include not just family transfers, but transfers to younger employees. Often, a merger from a third party is not desirable or available. The industry, the nature of the business, the fact that the revenue is tied up […]

New Perspective on Corporate Documents

October 25, 2012


“We believe it’s absolutely essential for family members to develop the initial draft of a shareholder agreement, thoughtfully considering the questions set forth below. Attorneys may be very helpful in the process, but too often they have set ideas about what makes a good shareholder agreement. They approach the task of preparing one with a […]

Minority Rights: Tag Alongs, Drag Alongs, Preemptive Rights, and Other Minority Protection Provisions

October 18, 2012


As alluded to in last week’s article, controlling governance is a major purpose of shareholder agreements. Curtailing the powers of the majority is a driving force in several governance decisions. Beyond just the board power, other rights are often used. Personally, I believe every deal is unique. Consequently, assertions that anything is standard, market, or […]

Why Operating Agreements Are So Long

September 25, 2012


A debate exists amongst parents whether going from no kids to one kid, one kid to two kids, or two kids to three or more kids is most difficult.1 In a business entity, there is no debate; the most challenging transition is going from one owner to two. Throughout our choice of entity discussion, one […]

Choice of Entity: Why You Are Almost Always Wrong

August 8, 2012


When you were seven years old, did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up? You probably had a good idea. Are you doing that now? Probably not. Dreams often conflict with reality. It is a similar issue for the start-up, and this is the reason that so many choice of entity […]

Hiring A Lawyer For Your Growing Business

August 1, 2012


As your company grows, the role of the lawyer usually increases. As one astute attorney put it, you now have something to lose. Of course, sometimes the frustration with lawyers increases as well. As with a lot of professions, finding the right lawyer and meeting expectations on both sides is a real challenge. So how […]