The Perfect Pitch

Posted on December 21, 2011


Up and coming entrepreneurs are entering an incredibly competitive time for venture capital. Here are some tips from Fast Company to convince potential investors that your idea has validity.

1. Keep it realistic and authentic. Overestimating your potential success (i.e. making a billion dollars in the first year) will not convince potential investors that your idea has validity.

2. Don’t oversell your strongest point because it will undoubtedly get old. Make sure you have other points that complement the appeal of your pitch to form a well-rounded sales pitch.

3. Stick to the facts. Any sign of outrageous claims will instantly make investors wary of your pitch.

4. Answer questions directly and efficiently. Don’t convolute your answers with unnecessary stats or details when your audience will more often than not want a concise answer.

5. Don’t drone on. Efficiency is more effective than flowery language or unnecessary details.

While most entrepreneurs focus on the presentation of their pitch, like giving a sturdy handshake and maintaining excellent eye contact, the content of your pitch will be the greatest asset to your success.