The Continued Rise Of Female Entrepreneurs

Posted on July 20, 2011


Lately, a lot of attention has been paid to the rise and role of female entrepreneurs among start-up companies. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal reported that the percentage of women as founders of startups grew by 20% in the past year, a significant increase over years past. With this growth comes greater confidence by investors, and funding for women-led startups increased alongside the number of female-founded companies.

The focus of much of the attention on women in business has been on the ‘impact with purpose’ philosophy of female entrepreneurs as perceived by those in the financial community. Fortune commented that, “while men typically focus on making money, women create the companies that they want to work for.” This has been a key part of success of female-driven start ups especially in industries that are used by women more often than men, including technologically-based companies such as social networking sites.

Danielle Kucera of Bloomberg News suggests that women have a greater grasp on certain industries, especially those businesses catered to female clientele. This explains why industries focused on fashion and online marketplaces such as, which provides artisans and other small businesses to market their goods on an online shopping database, have become increasingly successful with female-driven leadership, since the female perspective is crucial to their success.  Furthermore, women have started to find their business niche within certain industries, which has enabled the growth of such successful startups.

The increasing success of women in the entrepreneurial community can also be attributed to the growing number and growing strength of female business networking and mentor groups.  Some of these, such as Women 2.0, host events, seminars, and workshops that focus on women looking for tips and helpful guidelines in financing their start-up, networking, and other issues that arise when creating a business venture.  Nationwide, there has been a greater increase in local groups that have created an environment for women to foster their business tactics and grow as entrepreneurs.

A superb resource for female entrepreneurs in Birmingham is the Central Alabama Women’s Business Center, which has showcased the Elizabeth Conwell Scholarship Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs. The Foundation has offered a recurring scholarship for women in business seeking further course instruction for business development.