Beware of Labor Poster Scams

Posted on August 20, 2007


On Friday, August 20, 2007, the Kentucky Attorney General cautioned employers to be on the lookout for misleading labor law notices sold by private companies.  While this warning came from Kentucky officials, the same warning applies to employers in all states. 

Letters sent to businesses may threaten civil and criminal penalties if the specific posters being sold are not displayed.  Some employers may be misled into believing that these notices are official government warnings.  However, they are not.  While certain posters are required by law to be posted in the workplace, most state agencies and the U.S. Department of Labor provide these posters for FREE

Click here for U.S. Department of Labor posters — the posters can be downloaded and printed or ordered by mail free of charge.  Compliance assistance on which posters may be required for your workplace can be found at the following links:  eLaws Poster Advisor and Poster Page: Workplace Poster Requirements for
Small Businesses and Other Employers

Click here for posters required by the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations.  The ones marked "required" in red are those required by the State of Alabama, and include the Alabama Child Labor Law, Workers’ Compensation Notice, and Your Job Insurance (Unemployment Compensation).

N. DeWayne Pope, DeWayne Pope LLC