Job Discrimination Filings Rise in 2006

Posted on February 5, 2007


The Washington Post Online ran a story this week on the increase for the first time in four years in federal job discrimination complaints filed by workers against private employers.

Some noteworthy statistics:

  • Discrimination charges filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission increased to 75,768 during the 2006 budget year from 75,428 the previous year.
  • Allegations of race discrimination, with 27,238 charges, accounted for 35.9% of all filings last year.
  • Sex discrimination accounted for 23,247 complaints, or 30.7% of all filings last year.
  • Charges based on retaliation rose to 22,555, or 29.8% of all complaints.
  • Discrimination complaints based on disability rose to 15,625, or 20.6% of all filings.
  • Age discrimination came to 13,569 or 17.9% of all complaints filed in 2006.
  • National origin complaints came to 8,327, or 11% of the total.
  • Religious discrimination complaints totaled 2,541, or 3.4% of all filings.
  • Equal pay complaints were 663, or 0.9% of all filings.

Link to Washington Post article

N. DeWayne Pope, DeWayne Pope LLC