Review of Restrictive Covenants of Employers’ Employees

Posted on February 4, 2007


Not long ago I posted a blog about a recent Alabama Supreme Court case concerning restrictive covenants. Since that time, I’ve come across two articles that reflect the dynamic and conflict between employers concerned and employees concern. First in the employee context is an article in the New York Times (see below) that details how the employee in has to handle being asked to sign a non-compete clause and shows how little bargaining power employee has.

But on the other hand is a recent lawsuit by the University of Alabama Birmingham against a former professor who allegedly stole a certain goal of property rights developed at wall being a professor at the University. If the allegations are true, then this professor took an asset that is now valued at $24.3 million and used it for her own personal gain.


The Noncompete Clause: Balk at Your Own Risk, New York Times Online (1/21/07)

"Ex-professor’s Company Sued," The Birmingham News (1/21/07)

Mike Goodrich, Goodrich Law Firm, LLC