About Us

Posted on December 1, 2006

Red Mountain Law is an alliance of small law firms who work together to provide businesses and business owners a network of lawyers. Each member law firm has entered into an “of counsel” agreement with the other firms of Red Mountain Law. Red Mountain firms each have a small number of lawyers and focus their practices to certain areas of the law— primarily those most needed by businesses and business owners. By working together, the attorneys of Red Mountain Law can handle a wide array of legal problems. If a member firm cannot handle your legal issue, we will assist you in engaging an attorney who can. Member firms (and lawyers) include: Goodrich Firm, LLC (T. Michael Goodrich, II and Elizabeth S. Ritter); Cunningham Firm, LLC (Russell M. Cunningham, IV); Hahn Law Firm, PC (Melanie P. Hahn); and DeWayne Pope, LLC (N. DeWayne Pope).

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